Turkish raw silk scarves

Turkish raw silk scarves

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Sericulture and silk-weaving can be traced back to 4600 China. The Chinese had for a long time preserved the secrets of raising silkworms and producing silk fabrics.

Sericulture was introduced to, and became widespread in Anatolia during the Byzantine period under the reign of Justinianos, and through the two priests sent to Turkistan. These priests learnt about sericulture, and introduced it to Anatolia by hiding the cocoons in their walking staffs. Sericulture then became so significant in that period that it started to be regarded as a state secret, an art for the sake of which agency activities were performed. 

We work with a Turkish artisan that has taken the ancient craft and modernized it for the 21st century - Mehmet hand weaves our 100 % natural silk and cashmere limited edition scarves on his traditional handloom in Istanbul from the fleece of his own goats. Thus creating a windproof, warm delight for around your neck. Every one of these items is made with 100% natural fibers and supports sustainable design, including fair pay for artisans.

Use and Care: Gently cold wash, never in a dryer.