Immunity Boost

Immunity Boost

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Our organic frozen cleanses stand out from every other cleanse for 3 major reasons:

1) Our Ingredients are always Organic and made from the highest quality
2) Our Nutrition is, assessed and considered to make sure you are getting all you need every day of your cleanse
3) Our Botanicals are crafted by our Functional Medicine Physician for a variety of functional benefit

Treat your body to 1 Day of Immunity!

Our cleanse is full of organic beverages bursting with immune supporting ingredients that help your body regulate its immune response to fight disease.

Your day starts with our powerful Alpha Green drink to set you up for success. This beverage is a primer for the rest of your day. The infusion of stinging nettle and burdock root acts as a gentle diuretic to help flush the toxins out of your body. 
Defense + protein shake is your second drink for the day. This beverage adds in much needed fiber, protein and fats which are crucial for regulating blood sugar levels and to achieve proper daily nutrition on a cleanse. Defense + has a powerful elder berry & flower infusion, which has been shown to inhibit a viruses entry and multiplication inside of your cells. Your next drink of the day is Staminator. This is your veggie packed beverage with a schisandra berry infusion. Schisandra berry is an adaptogen that can increase resistance to disease and stress. The Marathon protein shake doubles up on the shisandra berry and adds in fiber, protein & fat for the second half of your day.  Our Immunition drink picks up where Defense + left off adding an additional powerful infusion of elder berry & flower. With a sweet/tart flavor this organic botanical beverage rounds out your drinks for the day ending with a calming Almond Chill. This botanical beverage has an infusion of our signature relax botanical infusion, bursting with camomile, lavender and lemon balm to set you up for a proper nights sleep. 

You'll get 6 beverages for your cleanse. The beverages will be numbered for the order you are to drink them. Defrost them by leaving them in the fridge or for an expedited defrost throw them in a water bath for 60 minutes. Always keep refrigerated or frozen. Once thawed enjoy in 48 hours to get maximum benefits. Will be good for up to 3 days after thawed in the refrigerator

The drinks you will get on this cleanse are:

Alpha GreenDefense +Staminator, MarathonImmunition, Almond Chill

Daily Nutrition:
Calories 706, Fat 23g, Sodium 583mg, Carb 97g, Fiber 11g, Sugar 54g, Protein 33g

Made in a facility that also processes nuts and tree nuts.