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Everyday sustainable products designed with waste-based material.  Reducing food waste, the makers collect discarded plantain peels and used coffee ground from restaurants and coffee shops.  The raw material is processed at their workshop and transformed into sustainable products.  They are durable, water resistant, non-toxic and locally sourced in Puerto Rico.

To clean the product you can gently wipe or pat the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.  Do not use water, soap or detergent.  Whenever possible, you should store this product in dry, cool interior spaces.

Similar to wood, over time our materials may naturally age a little in color.  You can always spruce it back up to its original rich color by applying a small portion of food safe mineral oil or coconut oil with a microfiber cloth.

If you use the vessel as a planter, select low maintenance plants the require little water such as cactus, succulents to name a few.